Virtual Summer School

AdvancED accredited Virtual Summer School for grades 9-12
$695 per course
Virtual Summer School program includes state-certified teachers and interactive instruction
Virtual Summer School available between June 8th - August 6th, 2020
Flexible schedules for each student
Virtual program allows coursework to be completed wherever works best for the student
Summer School Courses
English I Semester 1 (.5 credit)
English I Semester 2 (.5 credit)
English II Semester 1 (.5 credit)
English II Semester 2 (.5 credit)
English III Semester 1 (.5 credit)
English III Semester 2 (.5 credit)
World History Semester 1 (.5 credit)
World History Semester 2 (.5 credit)
US History Semester 1 (.5 credit)
US History Semester 2 (.5 credit)
Algebra I Semester 1 (.5 credit)
Algebra I Semester 2 (.5 credit)
Geometry Semester 1 (.5 credit)
Geometry Semester 2 (.5 credit)
Algebra II Semester 1 (.5 credit)
Algebra II Semester 2 (.5 credit)
Pre-Calculus Semester 1 (.5 credit)
Pre-Calculus Semester 2 (.5 credit)
Biology I Semester 1 (.5 credit)
Biology I Semester 2 (.5 credit)
Chemistry I Semester 1 (.5 credit)
Chemistry I Semester 2 (.5 credit)
Spanish 1 Semester 1 (.5 credit)
Spanish 1 Semester 2 (.5 credit)
Spanish 2 Semester 1(.5 credit)
Spanish 2 Semester 2 (.5 credit)

Unlike a traditional summer school, at Xceed, each student’s needs drive their individual schedule. Along with input from the student and parent, the Head of School creates a personalized and flexible schedule and pacing calendar to guide the student towards a successful completion of each course. Students work with state-certified teachers and receive instruction virtually.

$695 per course.

Xceed offers courses for credit for incoming 9th grade through 12th grade students.

Students can start summer school anytime between June 8th and June 29th, 2020.

The last day of summer school is August 6th, 2020. In order to receive credit, coursework must be completed by August 6th, 2020.

Yes, the courses are delivered online. Teachers interact with students virtually.

Students can take a maximum of four .5 credit courses.

Yes, Xceed Preparatory Academy is an AdvancED accredited school.

Yes, it is the student’s responsibility to verify with their school of record that they will accept Xceed credits.

Fill out the online application, select courses and make the necessary payment.

Each course takes a minimum of 4 weeks to complete. Students can take as much time as needed within the June 8th through August 6th summer school session.

Summer school allows students to take courses for grade forgiveness and acceleration.

Xceed offers a grade forgiveness credit opportunity for students who earned a “D” or “F” in a course taken during the regular school year. Grade forgiveness replaces the previously earned grade in the calculation of a student’s GPA but does not remove the course from the student’s transcript. Xceed does not offer credit recovery courses.

All students are required to maintain their own personal laptop.

Click the link below to ensure your device has the necessary system requirements to access our curriculum:

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