Xceed students thrive outside of the traditional school model

Xceed’s unique model benefits a wide range of students including:

  • Elite athletes
  • Independent learners
  • Performing artists
  • Accelerated learners
  • Students who have demanding schedules
  • Students with social anxiety
  • Learning differences

Xceed students thrive because they are given the flexibility, personalization and support that they may not receive from the traditional school model. For example, students that prefer learning in the morning or need more time in the afternoon for extracurricular activities, can come to school at 8am and leave at noon. Students that perform better in the afternoon can start their day at 12pm. A competitive tennis player who practices twice a day and travels extensively might attend Xceed from 10am-2pm every day. A student who is interested in graduating high school in three years will have a plan that might have 8 classes instead of 7 classes a semester. Research states, teenagers need sleep in order to succeed, at Xceed the goal is to design schedules to make it possible for students to get the proper amount of sleep so they can be their best self at school and at home.

The Xceed model is student-centric and motivates students to achieve their goals without compromising the quality of their education. It’s amazing to see what Xceed students can achieve when they are handed the right tools.