Edutopia: A 7th Grade Teacher’s Shift To Flexible Seating

All of our Xceed locations have flexible seating. We understand that not all student learn the same way or in the same type of environment. Our locations have open study spaces, study rooms, conference like huddle rooms, high-top tables and desks, couches and individual cushion seats with attached desks. Students learn better when they are comfortable.

We were pleased to see that other schools are incorporating flexible seating and seeing positive results. Check out the Edutopia article about a 7th grade teacher’s shift to flexible seating here. 


  • Brooke Markle
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    Thank you for sharing my Edutopia article! I’m glad your school has also found the numerous benefits flexible seating has to offer students.

    • Xceed
      / Reply

      It was a great article and an even better idea!

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