Xceed's Educational Model

Robust online curriculum delivered by Pearson
Academic Coaches facilitate student progress and provide support individually or in small groups
Personalized Learning Plans and flexible schedules created for each student
Our model blends the best educational practices combining online curriculum with on-site Academic Coaches
  • Xceed’s blended model combines online curriculum with on-site Academic Coaches
  • Xceed’s robust online curriculum is delivered by Pearson, the nation’s top provider for grades 6-12
  • The curriculum has a wide array of courses including honors and AP
  • Xceed Preparatory Academy is a fully-accredited school that offers NCAA approved core courses
  • Academic Coaches ensure that students receive the socialization and personal attention that they deserve
  • Xceed meets all Florida graduation requirements for college acceptance
  • Our college counseling program provides students individual help finding, getting into and paying for college
  • Xceed students have a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) designed to meet individual goals
  • The PLP is created by the student, parent/guardian and Head of School
  • The PLP includes what courses are taken, when they are taken, how many courses are taken at a time and when the student will be on campus
  • Xceed’s student schedules are made to be flexible based on individual needs
  • For example, some Xceed students are on campus 5 days a week while others attend 3 days a week
  • Students choose to be on campus according to individual preference
  • For example, students that prefer learning in the morning or need more time in the afternoon for extracurricular activities can come to school at 8am and leave at noon