Xceed's Educational Model

Curriculum delivered via technology enhanced approaches
During the day, academic coaches facilitate student progress and provide support individually or in small groups
Students have access to the curriculum 24/7/365
Academic coaches guide students through real-world, project-based learning activities on a daily basis

Academic Program

  • Robust curriculum from the nation’s top provider for grades 6-12

  • More than 300 courses offered including honors and AP

  • We meet all Florida graduation requirements for college acceptance

  • Option to graduate in 3 years

  • College counselors provide individualized college plans

  • NO FSA Testing

  • Standardized testing for middle school students

  • Practice ACT and SAT for high school students

Flexible Scheduling

  • Campuses open from 7:30am-6:00pm with a flexible year round calendar
  • Students choose to come mornings, mid-day or afternoons
  • Students have access to their online courses 24/7/365
  • Academic coaches are available in school and online

Career Internships

  • Career counseling
  • Guest speakers
  • Resume building
  • Internship opportunities

Personalized Learning

Every Xceed student has a personalized learning plan designed to match the learning goals of each student. For example, a competitive tennis player who practices twice a day and travels extensively might attend Xceed from 10am-2pm every day. A student who is interested in graduating high school in three years will have a plan that might have 8 classes instead of 7 classes a semester. Finally, a student who wants to intern at a law firm every afternoon might come to school from 8am-noon every day.