“We are so happy to have found Xceed! Our daughter is in 11th grade and was beyond stressed out in her private high school. As a dancer, with ballet six days per week, it was literally impossible to complete the 4-6 hours of homework for her AP and Honors level classes. When her anxiety and high stress levels started to take a toll on her physical and mental health, we knew we needed to make a change. We transferred her to Xceed and they were able to transfer all her classes that she wanted/needed to keep.

It has now been a few months and her quality of life has improved greatly. She goes into Xceed for a few hours each day and rarely has homework. The onsite teachers are very helpful and always available. It’s amazing how much faster she can learn and get through her lessons without the tedious busy work that traditional school curriculums often have.

I highly recommend Xceed to anyone looking for a change. It’s a great way to alleviate unnecessary school stress and a great place for those who need to make their own schedule due to sports schedules or performing arts training.”

-A satisfied parent

“I love having the flexibility to move my schedule around which lets me spend more time doing what I love.”

-Mille S., Xceed Student

“For my daughter this is a great school. Very motivating and the teachers are very professional and experienced. How they teach and the attention they give their students is beyond what I expected. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming. We simply love Xceed.”

-Hege S., Xceed Parent

“Competitive student athletes must strike a delicate balance between the time dedicated to training, travelling, and academics. At Xceed Preparatory Academy my daughter has been able to do this with the help of her teachers and the implementation of a personalized learning approach to academics. She now has the flexibility to train two sessions per day and travel to competitions around the world without compromising her educational goals. Whenever an international event or competition comes up, my daughter discusses her travel schedule with her counselor and her academic workload is adjusted accordingly. This allows my daughter to pursue her dreams in sports without falling behind in her schoolwork. The blended model used at Xceed in which online learning is combined with live academic coaches allows for student interactions and collaboration in a manner that is not available in other online academic settings. Students can work on projects together and develop socialization skills that are necessary to be successful when they enter college. I am very satisfied with Xceed’s approach to academics and flexibility and highly recommend the school to any parent of a student that participates in sports at a competitive level.”

-A satisfied parent

“The best! Xceed prep has been a light in the darkness for our family. We are new to Miami and our son was drowning in the public high school. We were not able to get the attention we needed from the public schools. He was ready to drop out and not finish his senior year. We were lucky enough to find Xceed and connect with Paul Rehage, the head of school there. He helped to create a plan and environment where our son felt supported and inspired to finish his senior year. He graduates in a few days!!! Xceed is a blessing! Great program, great people. Try it, you will be glad you did.”

-Angie B., Xceed Parent

“Absolutely life changing experience for our family! We love the personalized attention and our son loves the individualized schedule, loves being able to move ahead when he’s ready! Thank you to Ms. Betty and Mr. G and ALL the wonderful people at Xceed!”

-Leslie B., Xceed Parent