About Us

Why a Micro-School?


A traditional private school might sit on a sprawling, leafy campus with hundreds, if not thousands, of kids separated into grade levels. The “micro school” model turns this on its head, bringing students of all ages into the same classroom and using technology to enhance the curriculum to each child’s needs. Teachers serve as coaches and tutors, rather than lecturers. Students learn at their own pace with significant more access to their instructors than the traditional school models. The school day is designed to meet the learning needs and interests of each student.

Xceed Vs. The Traditional Private School

Important Differences:

  • Small by design
  • Flexible schedules (morning, mid-morning and afternoon)
  • Extended school day and calendar
  • Continuous enrollment
  • Non-traditional facilities
  • Teachers as coaches and facilitators, not sages on the stage
  • Blended learning combining the best elements of online and brick and mortar schools
  • Personalized learning based on each student’s individual goals
Our Mission

Xceed Preparatory Academy prepares students for college and beyond using personalized learning approaches for students who want the flexibility to pursue their own interests and talents in a supportive, innovative environment.

We achieve our mission through:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Non-traditional facilities
  • Teachers as coaches
  • Personalized learning

Xceed offers different schedule options for each student.   

Yes, students have access to the facilities from 7am to 6pm.

Xceed is a bring your own device school. Laptops and/or tablets will not be provided, though the school has a limited number of loaner computers available.

Yes, Xceed has continuous enrollment. While we will operate a traditional school calendar, due to our personalization, some of our students will have non-traditional school years.

Xceed adheres to the state of Florida graduation requirements. Students will need 24 credit hours to graduate.

Xceed will be a candidate for AdvancEd/SACS accreditation once the 2017-18 school year begins. It is our goal to be fully accredited by the end of the 2017-18 school calendar.