About Us

Xceed Preparatory Academy is a groundbreaking network of private college prep middle and high schools that provides Personalized Learning Plans and flexible schedules delivered in a blended model combining in-person Academic Coaches with online curriculum. Each day is designed to meet the learning needs and interests of each student.


To develop a national network of blended-learning schools that reinvent private school education in the United States.


Xceed Preparatory Academy prepares students for college and beyond using personalized learning approaches for students who want flexibility to pursue their own interests and talents in a supportive, innovative environment.

Core Values

Xceed is committed to providing a safe learning environment.

Xceed is committed to providing an innovative, supportive and collaborative learning environment where learners can meet and Xceed high expectations.

Xceed is committed to engaging our stakeholders.

Xceed is committed to continually improve the learning process.

Xceed embraces the fact that our students, parents/guardians, Academic Coaches, and non-instructional staff are individuals with unique qualities and challenges.



  • Becoming accredited enables Xceed to enroll many more potential students.
  • Continue to develop relationships with athletic coaches and academies whose athletes need flexibility in their learning.
  • Continue to develop relationships with educational consultants and psychologists who need their clients to attend a school with a personalized-learning focus.
  • Identify 1-2 additional locations for Xceed in South Florida.

Building Community

  • Develop a school-wide focus on community service coordinated by the school’s Guidance Counselor.
  • Incorporate school-wide events such as field trips.
  • Develop and implement cross curricular and group projects to ensure that students have opportunities to work together.

Innovate How We Educate

  • Hire a complete staff of subject-certified Academic Coaches at both locations.
  • Develop and implement a continuous professional development program for our Academic Coaches.
  • Provide parents with the ability to track student pace and performance.
  • Integrate Your College Concierge curriculum into each student’s Personalized Learning Plan coordinated by the school’s Guidance Counselor.

Our History

Xceed’s founders, Drs. Brent Goldman and Richard Goldman, have been two of the top private school leaders in South Florida for several decades. Richard Goldman was the Dean of Graduate Education at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) for 20 years. He and his team were pioneers in the development of distance and internet-based education at NSU. In 1996, Brent and Richard co-founded The Sagemont School in Weston, Florida. Under Brent Goldman’s leadership the school grew to more than 800 students and sent graduates to universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and Vanderbilt. Additionally, Brent and Richard have co-founded and held leadership positions in a variety of highly successful education ventures, including the University of Miami Online High School, Another Generation Preschools and Smart Horizons Career Online Education, which is McDonald’s official high school.